Auto Loan Calculator (Canadian)

Auto Loan Calculator

ACalculator is devoted to assist you in your financial calculations. This calculator will help you to find out the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment required to finance your auto purchase. To do so, this calculator will ask for purchasing price, number & type of payment, interest rate etc. Additionally it will graphically show you the effect of terms and down payments on the loan payment.
Total payment made for this loan.
Total purchase price (before tax)
This is the aggregate before tax cost of the vehicle including everything other than HST or GST + PST. As this is the before tax calculation, ACalculator has separate sections for the calculation of GST + PST or HST amount to be considered in after tax calculation.
Number of payments
Total number of payments required to fully payoff the loan.
Interest rate
The annual rate of interest for the auto loan.
Payment frequency
You can choose the type of payment appropriate for you. There are three options including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments.
Rebates and cash down
Amount of rebate used in the auto purchase. Cash down is the down payment made by you for that particular auto purchase. So, the more you pay as down payment the less financing you will require purchasing the vehicle.
Trade allowance
The trade-in amount given to you for trading your old car as a payment of your current purchase. Ensure you enter an estimated amount in the Auto Loan Calculator to determine the right net value of the purchase.
Amount owed on trade
The outstanding loan balance for this purchase.
GST + PST or HST (%)
It’s the regional tax rate change for this purchase. This rate change is applied on the purchase price after adjusting any rebate and trade allowance.