Area Calculator

Calculate Area of Rectangle, Triangle, Square, Circle & More

OkCalculator has designed this Area Calculator to make the area calculation easier without remembering the formulas. Using this Area Calculator you can easily calculate area of rectangle, area of triangle, area of trapezoid, area of circle, area of sector, area of ellipse, and area of parallelogram. More importantly, the results are of best use for you as those are available in acre, square foot, square yard, square inch, square mile, square meter, square kilometer, and square centimeter.
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Area of Rectangle

Insert the values of length and edge of the rectangle and choose the unit you used to measure those. Area of a rectangle is calculated as: (length x edge).


Area of Triangle

Insert the values for all the three edges of the triangle.

Area of Trapezoid

To calculate the area of trapezoid, mention the top edge, bottom edge, and height of the trapezoid. The area of trapezoid is calculated as: Ѕ(top edge + bottom edge) x height.

Area of Circle

Area of circle is measured as: ?r2; where r is the radius and ? = 3.1416. You need to input the radius of the circle only to find out the area of the circle.

Area of Sector

Input the radius and the degree of angle of the sector.

Area of Ellipse

To calculate the area of ellipse, you just need to mention the length of the major and minor axes in this Area Calculator.

Area of Parallelogram

Insert the length of the base and the height of the parallelogram you want to calculate the area for. The area of parallelogram is calculated as: (base x height).

Triangle Area = Ѕ Ч b Ч h b = base
h = vertical height
Square Area = a2 a = length of side
Rectangle Area = w Ч h w = width
h = height
Parallelogram Area = b Ч h b = base
h = vertical height
Trapezoid (US)
Trapezium (UK) Area = Ѕ(a+b) Ч h h = vertical height
Circle Area = ? Ч r2 Circumference = 2 Ч ? Ч r
r = radius
Ellipse Area = ?abSector Area = Ѕ Ч r2 Ч ? r = radius
? = angle in radians
Note: h is at right angles to b: