Australian Asset Allocation Calculator

Using OKCalculator, you can now construct your investment portfolio. By allocating your assets wisely, this Australian Asset Allocation Calculator will help you to design a balanced portfolio to minimize underlying risks and maximize return. Analyzing your assets, expected rate of return, and risk tolerance level, you are suggested the best possible investment portfolio by this calculator. JavaScript should be enabled in your browser to see the full-featured site. Additionally, users of Internet Explorer will require to ‘Allow Blocked Contents’ to look at the calculator.
Current age
Your age. Investing at the younger ages help to design a more compact portfolio of investment because you will have more time left before retirement and this will increase the maturities of your investment. As a result, the portfolio will lead you to maximum profit that can be earned through long-term investment at a long-term expected rate of return.
Current assets
Value of your current investable assets that will be used to construct portfolio. The more you have as current assets, the less likely you are to face losses during downturn. Again, a bigger portfolio is considered as the most diversified to minimize risk. Still we must mention that, being conservative with the investment approach can also reduce your risk. But, it will reduce your level of return.
Savings per year
Total amount of money you will be investing annually afterward the initial investment.
Income required
Income level that you expect from your portfolio to earn. Normally, your require to withdraw this fund after your retirement.
Risk tolerance
Your ability of risk tolerance. Your ability to bear losses. As researches show, your risk tolerance level should be moderate if you can tolerate only 20% of your current stock value to decline.
Economic outlook
Your outlook toward the current and future economic stability of your country. This will be influenced by your ability to forecast future recession or boom in the economy.