Age Calculator

determine a person’s age at any future date

Determining someone’s exact age at a future date can be difficult to identify with accuracy. For some sports teams and coaches this can be especially challenging and time consuming. It can take up valuable time needed for training and devising game plans or team rosters. Our system can help you to make the calculations quickly so you can spend more time working with the team and less time doing the math.
Lets begin with what this calculator may be used for and how you may use it.
Why should you use the age calculator?
It may seem like a simple task to identify someone’s age at a future date. If you need to make multiple calculations it can become very tedious and time consuming. This is especially the case for coaches trying to see what age group they should be placing their athletes in for the next season. By adding in the age of the person along with the future date, you can find out how old that person will be.
How to use the age calculator
The age calculator is very simple to use. You just need the person’s birthday and the date to know their age at. For multiple calculations, all you have to do is replace the date of birth for the next individual.
Step 1: Begin by inputting the person’s date of birth on the first line of the calculator. You can use the calendar feature to make this selection even easier. Once the calendar is open, tap on the month and year in the title to choose an alternate date. Select the correct year with one click, then double tap on the month in order to select a day.
Step 2: On the second line of the calculator you should add the age at the date of. This is the future date that you require this person’s age. You can use the calendar feature again to make this selection easier, using the steps above.
Your age results
age calculator
Once these details are added to the calculator you will be given the persons age through a smart prompt. To make additional calculations, simply change the date of birth to find another persons age on the same date.
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