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We are a group of finance professionals and technology enthusiasts that have come together to provide free tools on the web. Our purpose is to provide a wide-ranging collection of online calculators to help users understand their health and finances and take control of their debts. If you like this site, please bookmark us to the home screen of your smartphone or share our tools on your social network.

While we do our best to bring you the most up to date information, we always recommend doing your own research to nurture your knowledge base. Our calculator resources are meant to develop your understanding of various financial topics, but should not replace the advice of a finance professional that is aware of your unique circumstances.
All of the calculators on this site have been developed in-house, using licensed source codes. The formulas and descriptive content in our health and finance calculators are factually accurate and represent industry consensus, where such consensus exists. Well-known experts and advisors of international financial corporations have approved the results and content from our financial calculators. Many of the finance pages (namely tax and retirement) are updated regularly to reflect current legislature. For our health calculators, nutritionists and medical consultants have reviewed the calculator results and descriptive content to verify their accuracy.
We have crafted and developed each calculator passionately, and are constantly doing rigorous testing. However, if you do find any errors, please forward your input using our contact form. We generally reply within 1 to 2 business days.
Our calculators have been designed for use around the world, but the descriptive content is targeted to USA residents.