Savings Plan Calculator

Savings Plan

ACalculator is an efficient savings planner. With this calculator you can try different rates and maturities to find out how much you will have saved by the end of a particular savings plan. Thus, we suggest you to use this savings planner calculator to construct an ample savings strategy for a better and ensured strategy.
Starting amount
The beginning balance of your investment or savings.
Years to save
Number of years you want to continue savings or investment.
Rate of return
Your expected rate of annual return from the savings or investment.
Interest compounding
Interest compounding is calculated as interest earned on previous period’s savings, plus new interest income. This can happen daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly as per your terms of contract. More frequent payments lead to more compounded income. So, while investing, be informed of how frequently the financial institution is compounding your investment.
Additional contributions
Amount of money you are planning to contribute to the account throughout the chosen periods.
Frequency of contributions
How regular you will add money to the current savings account. You can calculate for your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly contributions. For the purpose of calculation, ACalculator will assume that all your contributions will take place at the starting of each period.