457 Savings Calculator

457 Savings Calculator – What may my 457 Plan be worth?

To make a retirement plan that insures your uncertain future, 457 is undoubtedly one of the best mechanisms. Two major facilities are provided by a 457 savings plan. Firstly, your total contributions & earnings to 457 account considered as tax-deferred. At the time of withdrawing money, you need to make the tax payment on your contributions & earnings. Secondly, matching payment given by many employers ranges from 0% to 100% of your payment. These two facilities help you to have enough money in your retirement savings plan. For using this calculator, you need to install JavaScript in your device. You need to click on ‘Allow Blocked Content’ for viewing this calculator if internet explorer is used.
Annual salary
This is about your yearly salary income prior to payment o taxes & other charges. Your contributions and employer matching payment are calculated on your total remuneration. So, it is better not to take into account any income from other sources in total salary income.
Percent to contribute
This is about the rate of money you contribute annually to your 457 account. Your contribution is limited to 50% of your total salary.
Annual contribution limits
Your annual contribution is determined by multiplying your annual salary with the rate of contribution. It is certain that your yearly contribution is the concern of highest contribution every year to your 457 account. The highest amount of contribution for 2013 is $17,500. You may contribute additional $5,500 in your 457 account with the help of a ‘catch-up” allowance when your age is 50 or over. Your contribution limit is not going to be affected by the employer’s matching payment.
Current age
This is about your present age.
Age of retirement
This is your age at the time of retirement. It is assumed by this calculator that, you are not supposed to make any contribution to your 457 account at the retirement year. It means if you are retiring at the age of 65, you are supposed to make your last contribution at age 64.
Current 457 balance
This is about the initial invested balance in your 457 account.
Annual rate of return
The yearly expected rate of earning from your 457. It is presumed by this calculator that you are supposed to make your contributions in a monthly basis & your income is compounded once a year. Your investment portfolio determines your actual rate of return.
Employer match
The employer match which is additional payment to your 457 account with your contributions. Employer matching is fixed on the basis of some certain portion of your annual payments which ranges from 0% to 100%.For example, we assume that the employers matching payment to the 457 account is 50% of the employee’s contributions. Employers’ such matching payment is limited up to 6% of employee’s salary. Let’s assume that the employee is paid $100,000 annually as salary and contributes 10% to the 457 account. So the possible results would be:
  • $10,000 from employee
  • $3,000 as the employer’s matching payment (which is 50% of $6,000 or 6% of the annual salary)
  • Total: $13,000

To get a detailed idea about the maximum employer matching contributions, you can go through the concept of ‘Employer maximum’. It is very obvious to know that the maximum annual deferral allowed to an employee is not affected by the employer contributions.

Employer maximum
The highest amount of money the employer is going to pay as the matching payment into your 457 account without considering your total contributions. For illustration, we assume that the employer is paying 50% as matching payment which is up to 6% of your annual salary. Suppose that your salary is $25,000 & your contribution is 6%, certainly your annual contribution to 457 is $1,500. Your employer is going to contribute another $750 as 50% matching payment. If you enhance your contribution rate, the employer’s matching payment is not going to increase because it is limited by the 6% of the employee’s annual salary.