457 Payroll Deductions

457 Payroll Deductions

Do you want to calculate your net salary income by shifting your salary deductions? This calculator facilitates you with this opportunity. Enter your current salary income and your estimated deductions to show comparative results. Moreover, this calculator will show your current years withholding plan if you include your withholdings amount, tax filing status and retirement savings. Installation of JavaScript in your device is a must to use Okcalculator. You may also need to choose ‘Allow Blocked Content’ when you are using this calculator in Internet Explorer.

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Pay period
It is about the total payment you receive in a year. You can select pay period from the following table:

Pay Period

Annual Paychecks



Every Other Week


Twice a month






Filing status
Your tax return filing status. Choose your tax file return status depending on your present relationship status.
Gross pay
Include the amount of current year’s gross salary amount.
Number of allowances
You can claim your allowance to exempt from your Federal Income Tax withholding form the estimated gross Federal income tax withholdings. Such allowances rely on your itemized deductions and number of dependents.
457 plan withholding
The amount of your contribution to a tax deferral 457 retirement plan. Increasing amount of retirement savings decreases the amount of Federal income tax withholdings and vice-versa.
Employee paid health insurance
This is the amount of your health insurance premium which is deducted from your salary. FICA or Medicare taxes are not applicable for health insurance premiums.
State and local taxes
Rate of the annual state and local taxes on your gross income. State and local tax rate change every year. So, you need to consult with your tax consultant to know the updated rate of State and local taxes.
Other pre-tax deductions
Input the amount of any other deductions. This pre-tax deductions are not subject to income taxes.
Post-tax deductions
Total amount of deductions that is charged by your employer with your after-tax earnings.
Post-tax reimbursements
This is about the amount of after tax reimbursements, if any, made by your employer.
Year-to-date earnings
The amount of your current year’s gross earnings which are considered for FICA Tax. You should not incorporate any earrings from other sources in this income. A year-to-date earnings is used to estimate the FICA tax.
Social Security tax
The amount of current year’s Social Security taxes.
Medicare tax
This is the amount of current year’s Medicare tax. Normally, your gross income is charged by 1.45% for this type of tax but you may need to calculate additional Medicare tax if there is any provision in Federal Income Tax regulation.
Federal tax withholding calculations
Read the Federal tax withholding calculation method here .