403(b) Savings Calculator

You can easily avail the facilities of 403(b) account for a secured retirement plan If you are an employee of a tax-exempted non-profit organization of 501c(3) group which includes educational institutions, hospitals etc. Two superior facilities can be obtained from 403(b) account; firstly, you can reschedule tax on your contributions & earnings and the other is 0% to 100% employer matching payment in your 403(b) account. A high amount of money can be accumulated for secured retirement with the help of the collective effect of these facilities. You are required to install JavaScript to use this calculator. You also need to select the ‘Allow Blocked Content’ when using the Internet Explorer.
Amount to contribute
This is the sum of your yearly contributions into the 403(b) account. Depending on an annual maximum, you can contribute 0% to 100% of your annual salary.
Annual salary
This is the amount of salary prior to tax payment & other deductions you got from the company. You should not include any income from other sources in your salary income as it is the basis for your contribution & your employers matching payment to 403(b).
Current age
Your age as on the date.
Age of retirement
This is your retirement age. It is the assumption of this calculator that you will make your last contribution to 403(b) account at the preceding year of your retirement.
Current balance
The initial balance in your 403(b) account.
Annual rate of return
This tells you about the rate of return per annum for your 403(b) account. It is presumed that your return is multiplied per annum and your deposits are made in a monthly basis.
Annual salary increase
This is about the expected incremental rate of annual salary. It is assumed that this increasing rate of your salary will continue up to your retirement age.
Annual investment fee
This is about the annual fee determined on the basis of 403(b) account balance.
403(b) Employer contribution/match (percent)
The employers matching payment is an additional payment to your annual contributions to 403(b). If you want to compute the percentage of matching payment, you just enter the dollar amount here.
403(b) Employer contribution/match (dollars)
The employers matching payment is additional to your annual contributions to 403(b). If you want to work out the amount of matching contribution in dollars, you just plug in the percentage of your annual salary here.
Annual contribution limits
This is the total annual contribution based on your yearly salary multiplied by the contribution rate. It is certain that your yearly contribution is the concern of highest contribution every year to your 403(b) account. Suppose that your yearly maximum for 2013 is $17,500; additional $5,500 can be contributed to 403(b) by dint of ‘catch-up’ allowance. In addition, the employer matching payment will not influence on your contribution limit.Participants can avail the extra ‘catch-up’ provision in 403(b) account if they have not used it in an earlier period. The main subjects of this additional catch-up provision are the employment duration & supplementary contribution rules. This calculator does not have the capacity of determining your highest limit of contribution on the basis of extra catch-up allowance.