401(k) Spend It or Save It Calculator Online

401(k) Spend It or Save It Calculator

While you are running off from a company, you need to follow some techniques for the management of your 401(k) balance. Among all the techniques, to deal with the 401(k) balance one commonly used technique is whether to spend or save the deposited money in 401(k) account. If you make an incorrect decision about the 401(k) balance without considering your age and tax bracket, you may have to lose a huge amount of money in potential earnings & tax payments. By using this calculator, you will have the idea about the difference. You need to install JavaScript to run this calculator. You will also need to select the ‘Allow Blocked Content’ when using the Internet Explorer if required.
Current age
Your age.
Age of retirement
This is about your retirement age. The ending balance at the time of retirement is calculated for your every turnover options.
Federal income tax rate
You must use the Federal income tax rate of 2015. If you are not certain about the tax rate, the calculator will use 25% tax rate by default.
Tax RateMarried Filing Jointly or
Qualified Widow(er)
SingleHead of HouseholdMarried Filing Separately
10%$0 – $17,850$0 – $8,925$0 – $12,750$0 – $8,925
15%$17,850 – $72,500$8,925 – $36,250$12,750 – $48,600$8,925 – $36,250
25%$72,500 – $146,400$36,250 – $87,850$48,600 – $125,450$36,250 – $73,200
28%$146,400 – $223,050$87,850 – $183,250$125,450 – $203,150$73,200 – $111,525
33%$223,050 – $398,350$183,250 – $398,350$203,150 – $398,350$111,525 – $199,175
35%$398,350 – $450,000$398,350 – $400,000$398,350 – $425,000$199,175 – $225,000
39.6%over $450,000over $400,000over $425,000over $225,000
State income tax rate
This is about the existing state marginal tax rate which you are looking forward to pay on any extra earnings.
Current 401(k) balance
The balance you have already deposited in your 401(k) account.
Annual rate of return
This is your expected rate of return for 401(k) account. Your investment portfolio will determine the actual rate of return of your investment. For example, the S&P had made 7.1% compounded annual return in last 10 years & almost 10.1% annually compounded return in last 43 years by capitalizing the dividends in the capital structure. The S&P’s rate of return was very much fluctuating because its highest income was 61% & lowest income was -43%. This type of volatility in earnings may lead to loss of capital. So, it is better to deposit money in the savings account of Banks for secured return though it offers as little as 0.25% or less interest rate but minimizes the risk of capital loss.Before making any investment, it must be remembered that expected rates of return cannot be forecasted certainly. Investments which offer high rate of return have greater risk and less constancy. So, it is wise to think about the project many times before taking any investment decision.
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