Inventory Analysis

Online Inventory Analysis Calculator

To get a healthy turnover from your business it is mandatory to maintain your available inventory analysis so that you can estimate the required level of inventory for the next period. Analyzing your starting level of inventory, inventory demand per week, annual growth rate, safety stock, and weekly order lead time, this ACalculator will find out the level of maximum and minimum inventory during the period. You can also see the quantity of starting and ending safety stock of inventories. To use this calculator, you need to install JavaScript in your device. To view this calculator, you may need to select “Allow Blocked Content’ while using Internet Explorer if needed.
Demand per week (initial)
Quantity of inventory expected every week initially.
Growth rate
Your anticipated increase in sales for the next year. You need to mention the annual growth rate here.
Safety stock
The quantity of inventory you need to keep in stock so that you don’t run out of stock in case of any sudden rise in demand.
Order lead time in weeks
The number of weeks it take to refill your stock of inventory when it is ordered.
Starting inventory
Total quantity of inventory initially available in stock. This is the beginning inventory for this period.