Anorexic BMI Calculator

Anorexic weight calculator

The Anorexic BMI Calculator analyses the chance of having Anorexia Nervosa, means you weight is not consistent for your given height. The diagnosis of such body image distortion is based on BMI or Body Mass Indicator. The Anorexic BMI Calculator measures your Body Mass Indicator (BMI) and then compares with standard to declare whether your calculated BMI suggests an Anorexic BMI or not. To analyze your Anorexic BMI you must know your height and centimeter, and mention it along with your age and gender in this Anorexic Calculator.
Different criteria for Anorexia
Females between ages 16 and 26 are mostly seen to have such disorder. There are different criteria for Anorexia and low weight or low BMI is only one of those criteria. In case of children, if the weight is less then 86% of the expected weight, it will be indicated as Anorexia. For adults, Anorexia is featured with a BMI less than 17.5.
Anorexic Calculator
If the Anorexic Calculator shows your BMI (Body Mass Index) as an Anorexic BMI, you can try to control such physical disorder through purging, physical exercise, diet control etc. You can also try different diet pills but only after consulting your doctor.